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Frog Wars

The comic book series “Frog Wars” follows the journey of two frogs, Didi and Bibi, who were inadvertently sent into space by NASA scientists and crash-landed on a desolate red planet. As they evolved into intelligent beings, they discovered a world full of crystals that had strange effects on them. While Didi sought revenge on the humans who sent them to this planet, Bibi was determined to terraform it and make it their new home.

The two frogs parted ways, with Bibi setting up a lush, green area near an ice lake, and Didi building a research facility to create an army of robots. As their paths diverged, they both made significant progress in their respective goals.

One day, an unidentified object was seen shooting into the sky – a rocket test conducted by Didi. Bibi, accompanied by her humanoid tree creature, decided to investigate. Upon confronting Didi, she was met with his unwavering determination to take revenge on the humans. Despite her attempts to convince him to join her in terraforming the planet, Didi refused, and a war between the two former friends seemed inevitable.

Team 1

619 BIBI

  • Bibi is a determined and optimistic frog who, after being stranded on a desolate planet, focuses on terraforming it into a lush, green world and tries to convince her companion to join her in this endeavor.



The mighty swordsman of BIBI


The legendary archer of BIBI


The crafty builder of BIBI

Team 2

619 DIDI

  • Didi is a determined frog who focuses on building an army of robots to take revenge on the humans who stranded him on a desolate planet, despite his companion’s efforts to encourage terraforming the planet.



The mighty swordsman of DIDI


The legendary archer of DIDI


The crafty builder of DIDI

  • Crystals are mysterious and powerful objects found on the desolate planet, which have strange effects on the evolved frogs, such as enhancing their intelligence and potentially serving as a power source for their technology.

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